I bought a new compact camera recently. And I must said for the price I paid and the quality of the photos, I’m very happy with it. After much consideration between DSLR and compact, I finally settled with Canon Powershot A2100 IS.

Canon Powershot AS2100

Well, Claudia like to take photos with my new camera. At first, I was quite reluctant but I let her try it anyway. Surprisingly she is quite good with it but still drop my camera few times. Here are some photos taken by Claudia and few by Mr.Wallace himself: –







These are from Mr.Wallace: –






We arrived in Adelaide on Sunday morning. After a long flight, actually not that long but it’s long for me cause I did not get to sleep at all.

When we arrived at KLIA, we found out that our flight has been delayed for 30 minutes. Okay, we will just hang around the airport. After everyone boarded the gate, there is another announcement for additional 30 minutes delayed. They need to change the tyre this time.

Claudia watching a movie while waiting at KLIA

Claudia watching a movie while waiting at KLIA

Marcus practicing his walking skill

Marcus practicing his walking skill

This time we got a quick clearance for the Australian quarantine dept. Surprise! Surprise! Cause we bring food (Marcus milk formula) usually they will go through them before we are let out. So, that’s good.

When we are out of the airport, it is freezing out there. We did not put on any jacket cause we expected mild weather but no it is still WINTER! 12°C maximum. Then another hour drive from the airport to MIL new house at the Barossa Hills.

At breakfast, we are so hungry.

At breakfast, we are so hungry.

And so tired, too. See how she put the hands under her bottom to keep them warm.

And so tired, too. See how she put the hands under her bottom to keep them warm.

Kiz Sport is having a promotion now.
Weekday from 3pm onwards – 50% off normal price.
And that is a fantastic news for me.
Both my monkeys get to run/play as long as they want.
It is a great way for them to burn some energy.





Let’s go to the park (we called it “playground” in Malaysia).
The weather is fantastic.

img_25111Marcus 1st time on a swing.
He loves it when the wind blow on his face.

img_2516My sweet little girl.


img_25171Just loves the fresh air and the green, green tree & grass.

We are in Adelaide, Australia now.
We will be here for a month break.
Hopefully, Marcus can recover faster with the fresh air over here.

img_2479At KLIA, boarding gate.

Both kids are doing great during the flight.
Claudia sleep through the whole journey.
Marcus too, but he is on medication for his bronchitis.


So, see ya!

KizSports & Gym just opened up another outlet at Bangsar Village. Since Claudia loves going to KizSport, I decided to bring her to this new outlet to try it out. The layout of the place is similar with their Great Eastern Mall outlet. She loves it and she can go on her own after first round with my mum. Our outing usually on weekday so there are not much children there. But the other day, we went to KizSports at One Utama on a Saturday afternoon, it is a different story. Entrance fee is higher and too many kids running around and some of them play rough too.

Anyway, I like to bring Claudia out as much as possible during this few weeks before I pop. After that, she will be going through confinement with me for a month too…..LOL except going for swimming at in-law place during the weekends unless Mr. Wallace is free to bring her out somewhere else on his rest day.

I was waiting for Claudia to open her eyes this morning cause I want to wish her Happy Birthday. She gaves me a big smile and the first she said “Let’s go kai kai (kai kai means going out/shopping). She loves Kids Sport and we always go to the One Utama branch. But few days ago, I already find out there is a branch in Great Eastern Mall and another one coming up in Bangsar Village. So off we go to the Great Eastern Mall branch but before that I picked up my dad & my mum first cause dad office is at GE Mall and I need mum to help to run after Claudia. I getting heavy and can’t effort to run & jump anymore.

I must said I like GE Mall branch better cause the layout of the play area is much better. The One Utama branch layout is vertical (high not suitable for Claudia age) GE Mall branch layout is horizontal. We will definitely going back there.

Before we left GE Mall, I have to get a slice of the tiramisu for the Alexis Bistro since it is so famous. Well it come with a price tag of RM13.45 (with tax) per slice. The verdict from my mum & myself is very good. They have pavlova too and it cost RM14.00++ per slice. Will try that one next time.

Then we off the Pudu market to have lunch at May King restaurant. Famous for their “lum mee”. My schoolmate father restaurant. The last time I was there is when I was still in secondary school. It is still taste good and they have install air-con for the whole restaurant. Over all, comfortable environment, food come really fast and the potion is just nice. Claudia finished one plate by herself.

Claudia playing her toy guitar at my mum house. Full of energy after lunch.

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