Mr. Wallace have the happy tree song as his mobile ring tone. It is very cute. So there am I thought looking up for the cartoon for Claudia to watch at the computer through you tube. She immediately choose this particular one and here is it: –

NOW…….towards the ending part where the poor baby cut his tongue off, Claudia facial expression has changed. She screamed and cried so hard. I was shocked cause I was busy cutting her toe nails. When I look up, she is asking me to stop it and looking for comfort from me.

How would I know with the title of “Happy Tree”, such a cute tune and cute cartoon can turn out to be so violent.


Lately Claudia is full of questions in whatever she is doing/hearing/seeing. Sometimes it makes me laugh and sometimes makes me lost my patience. Especially watching television time, just like my bro when he is young. Full of questions and the worst part is she keep repeating the same questions like a broken record. Example: –

Claudia: Who is that?
Me: Oh! That’s the hero.
Claudia: Hero.
(2 minutes later)
Claudia: Who is that?
Me: He is the same guy. The hero.
Claudia: Hero.

This will continue on and on. In some way it good that she is asking question but repeating them is irritating. But I always try to be patient and ask each questions nicely and calm. Her favourite questions nowadays is: –

  1. Who is that?
  2. Where are we going?
  3. What are you doing?
  4. What is that?
  5. Like who?
  6. What happen to my hand/leg/head? (when she hurt herself or have funny things on them).

Above all, “NO” still her ultimate favourite word. Almost everything you asked her, she will answer you ‘NO’. The most frustrating part is, she will asked

Claudia: What is that?
Me: That is a dolphin. (Correct answer)
Claudia: No.

Of course she also have some nice things to say like: –

  1. Have a nicer day. (Should be nice day)
  2. Please come in. (When we back from work or anybody come to visit)
  3. How are you?
  4. Nice? (When comes to food)
  5. Good Morning/Night

Well, Claudia is almost 100% toilet trained. She had her diaper on only at night and sometimes going out. I’m still not very confident with her when we go out. You know when children in shopping mall, they will run here and there, playing with toys and eventually they will forget to inform you that they need to go to the toilet.

We started to train her by encouraging her to pee on the toilet floor (big and small). Then we will clean the mess and wash her in the toilet. She also can do it on the potty in her own room if she likes (but rarely). That lasted for a month. But as of yesterday, my mum informed that she is willing to do her business (big and small) at the WC with the toddler toilet seat.

About half a year ago, I tell myself this is going to be difficult. Now that Claudia is toilet trained, I told myself, to help my little girl to grow up, I cannot be lazy and thinking for my own convenience. It is my duties to teach and mould her so that she can be a better person when she grows up.


I did mentioned before that we are in the middle of moving Claudia to her own room. Finally, we did it three weeks ago. She seem to like the idea of “own room”. Every time she asked me “Where is who & who?”, I will take the opportunity to answer her who & who is sleeping in their “own room”.

Now every night at 8:30 – 9:00 pm, we will go to her room and start winding down. I will read & sing to her, and I will stay until she falls asleep. Before I will get out of the room, I will turn on the baby monitor and leave her room door slightly open. When I go to sleep, I also leave my room door slight open so that she can just push it open when she wakes up in the middle of the night looking for me.

Now, she only sleep in her own room. Afternoon nap and night sleep. I did not buy her a new bed. I just moved her queen size mattress to her room. Painted the feature wall green, put up two wall lights, mirror and bought her a new mini wardrobe (all from Ikea). Actually, I like her room myself.




My next goal is to teach her to go to sleep without me. Just like an adult. When she is tired, she will go to her own room and fall asleep. Wish me luck.

It is 11:47pm now and I’m waiting for the laundry to finish.

Claudia had fever, shivering & vomited on the bed. Mr.Wallace & I just finished changing the linens, changed Claudia into a new clothes & washed her hair as well. It’s stink. Poor little girl. She must have caught the cold this morning. I think she went outside (the garden) without a jumper & shoes. Where am I? I decided to sleep in this morning. Bad mummy. Let’s see is she better tomorrow morning.

After the Hot Sunny Day post, I realised that I had to upgrade the pool soon cause after few more months, the pool will only fit for one toddler. Well Toy’R’Us happen to have a pool promotion for the member. It is only cost RM39.95 for this size. Not bad, huh until I start filing it with water. Now I’m waiting for my next month water bill. Also, storage is another problem. Don’t ask me to fill it up with air every time the kids want to play. That’s hard work. Anyway, look at them. They can play for hours and hours in that pool. Now I can join them in the pool (if i don’t afraid my neighbours see me).


Remember that I post before about Claudia lost her appetite recently. This is what I do with the food that I’m going to serve her. I got the idea from Blur Mummy. Do Claudia like it? Yes for the first one only. She is very hard to please girl. Now I’m scratch head again. By the way, I use the Play-Doh mould to make the sandwich shape.







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