I bought a new compact camera recently. And I must said for the price I paid and the quality of the photos, I’m very happy with it. After much consideration between DSLR and compact, I finally settled with Canon Powershot A2100 IS.

Canon Powershot AS2100

Well, Claudia like to take photos with my new camera. At first, I was quite reluctant but I let her try it anyway. Surprisingly she is quite good with it but still drop my camera few times. Here are some photos taken by Claudia and few by Mr.Wallace himself: –







These are from Mr.Wallace: –






I would like upgrade my current camera. But I don’t know which is the best buy. Therefore, I would like to seek opinion and suggestion from all the mummy bloggers out there who know more about it. I know few of you are getting into photography (professional or running a small business in photography services).

I’m looking for a good quality clear shoot and easy to carry around. I like DSLR but they are quite bulky to carry around.

Is pocket size camera with equivalent features is as good??

My budget would be around RM1,000 to RM2,000.

I’m welcome all recommendation.

Thank you in advance.


I’m selling my MEDELA Mini Electric Breastpump set.

The set includes: –

1.      MEDELA Mini Electric Breastpump

2.      MEDELA Breastmilk Bottles (3 nos)

3.      MEDELA PureLan 100 (Hypoallergenic-Soothes sensitive nipples and dry skin – with seal on, has not been open before).

4.      MEDELA Spare Teats – Size S (Brand new – with seal on the box, has not been use before).


I have only use item no: 1 & 2 for 1 month only so they looks new.
As for item no: 3 & 4 is absolutely brand new and has not been open before.
Original price was RM435.10


PIGEON – Disposable Breast Pads
2 Boxes x 36 pieces each box.
Again, brand new, has not been open before.
Original price was RM35.90


2 sets of Bengkung (thick)
M size = 69 – 79cm (28 – 32 inches)
Please refer to http://karenyiau.com/happyconfinement/
As you can see, I have use only 1 set and the other set is totally brand new.
Original price was RM105.00

Those mummy or going to be mummy soon are interested, please email me at: jessiesee@hotmail.com

My selling price is includes delivery.

dsc01482This is the paper queue I’m talking about. So where is this queue leading to??








dsc01481Of course, government department. This is Putrajaya, Foreign Worker Dept. I was there Tuesday to renew one of my foreign worker work permit. I arrived at 7:15am and there are so many people ahead of me but they use paper and bags to queue for them. Where are these people, they are sitting at the provided seat and some go for breakfast.

dsc01484At 7:50am, the ‘nombor giliran’ counter start operating. My clear view to the counter has gone. All these people out of no where start picking up whatever they placed on the floor and start to line up. At 8:07am, only I managed to get my number. The only good thing is, if you renew less than 3 passports, they will put you on the special counter. I tell you, some of these people come with hundred of passports.

dsc01485Now, what do you do after getting your number? You have to wait for those government officer to turn up to work. They will come in to start their computer, put on their tie, name tag & make-up then go for breakfast. In normal working environment, a worker should have done all the above before the working hour start but in our government is the other way round. I guess all of us is used to it. By the way, they started calling the numbers at 8:25am.

Also, on 8:30am everyday, the PA system will start the prayer for the Muslim asking god help to get through the day smoothly. Do ask me why cause I find it quite insensitive to the non-Muslim. My opinion is I don’t have to listen to this prayer. All the Muslim will stop whatever they are doing and held their hand up for that 5 minutes prayers. There goes my 5 minutes.

Conclusion is: –

  1. Arrived early is a must even thought the department start late cause the line will start 2-3 hours before operating hours.
  2. Arrived on time, you will get numbers like 100 and above. That’s mean you only will finish your business there by noon or even late noon.
  3. You can’t go lunch cause if you number is called and you are not there, you have to take new number again. If you are really unlucky, you will encounter “number sudah habis” sign. Please come again tomorrow. Also, there are “No food and drink” sign on the wall.

On another matter, on my way out of Putrajaya, there are VIP coming in to Putrajaya. As usual, police escort car and rider to guide the traffic. The question is: –

1. VIP in Proton Perdana. Good, showing support national car but escort car is Nissan X-Trail and Volvo XC90?? Why?

Yes, less than a month Grandma passed away last Tuesday, 13/05/2008, morning. Grandma is very weak and bed ridden for the past few years. We did brought her to pay her last respect to Grandpa and she accepted the news calmly (look likes to us). I guess she is heart broken deep down inside. Her passing may not be a bad thing cause in some ways is ending her suffering. We believe grandpa come back for her and now they are united in another place together with their elder & younger sons.

“Grandma rest in peace and I always miss you. You are a very strong and dynamic person. Not to forget, you are the best cook I even met. Always love and miss your Hakka dishes. Thank you for taking care of us when we were young and also all the lessons that you had taught us.”

Just some updates. I don’t really know what to blog. In fact, I’m getting lazy to update the blog.

Anyway, I went for my second check-up on Feb 28. Happy to said everything is fine. Saw the baby with strong heart beats and there is only one not two (thank god). This time I bring along Claudia, and she is very excited to see a tiny baby inside my stomach. From time to time I have to remind her that I’m pregnant cause she forgets and like to climb on my stomach or asking me to carry her. EDD is Oct 5, 2008.

This pregnancy is totally different from my last pregnancy. I got mild morning sickness (minus the vomiting) and very sleepy all the time. Loves chili which I’m not suppose to eat all due to I have bad skin. To ease off the discomfort, I eat green apple, tomato & orange juice. Also I have booked my confinement lady. It is going to be my last pregnancy so I want to make sure that I will get enough rest and I will have a good health after that.

Claudia is getting more demanding everyday. She is bore at home and always look for other children to play with. She always refuse to go home or let the neighbour children to go home after they finish their play. She will cried and said she lock inside the castle like Cinderella, yes she adores Cinderella. Physically, she grow taller and heavy too. Mr.Wallace take her for swimming almost every weekend at FIL place. My in-laws just shift to a new condo near our place. So it is very convenient. I guess I shouldn’t have any excuses for not exercising.

Finally, I just want to said I’m very happy with the general election results. Hope this change will bring us better quality of life and for the better future for our children.

Thank you everyone for sharing this great news with us.

I don’t know this is coincidences or it’s really the work of feng shui. Well, it about the position of our bed. As you all already knew that I had moved Claudia to her own room when I got back from Adelaide, Australia last December. Naturally we had our own bed moved back to the old position. And at this time, I conceive No: 2. Just like that. No extra effort. The funny part is I conceived Claudia with the same bed position and on the 1st month we moved into this house. Previously, we rented a condo before we brought this house and we did tried for a year for a baby but no luck.

Feng shui or not its up to you to believe. For us, the timing is just right. Claudia will be 3 by the time No: 2 arrive.

I explained this to Mr.Wallace and he said “Wow! It took us one and a half years to realise this. Should have moved Claudia earlier then”.

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