New age video game. You don’t sit in front the TV to play but involved physical movement.  Games like tennis, golf, boxing and etc. Above video is the boxing game. As per Mr.Wallace, his form of exercise with entertainment. He can play this game for hours but can’t spend hours in the gym. It is good for me cause I can use the computer. He.. He… Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HONEY! Enjoy the gift. Hope to see a slimmer you in couple of months time.


I have been thinking on this issue for the past 10 months. Yes (not kidding) but still not pregnant with No:2.

It took me a year to get pregnant with Claudia. I stop thinking about it when we were busy with the renovation and moving into our new house. After a month staying in our new house, good new followed.

I guess when our heart is not ready then the baby wouldn’t come.

So I like to put this question to all the mummy/daddy blogger out there: –

1. Whats make you to decide that you want No:2?

Today is our 4th anniversary. Nothing is planned to celebrate this 4th year union. I bought hubby a gift 2 weeks ago and he is using it since a week ago. He did asked me what do I want but I just can’t think of anything (material wise) but I would like to have some changes on how things done around the house or at least improve our relationship.

You see..hubby is a mat salleh and I’m Chinese. Sometimes the ways we see things is quite different. But I’m willing to learn and trying harder to accept how things done mat salleh ways. That’s my promise to you, honey.

Happy Anniversary!