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img_2406They are okay now.
What a relief.
No more crying without reason and staying awake all night to check their temperature.

Claudia definitely looks skinny now.
But she always eats like a horse after an illness and she is now.

By the way, I like to show you Claudia skinny legs.


Compare to this……….





Well, I blame it to the bad weather.

Both are sick more than a week now.

Claudia condition is worse than Marcus.

Claudia fever is uncontrollable.

After medication, fever goes off.

Then at midnight, fever comes back again.

This had been going on since Feb, 9.

No red spot on the body.

Fever, coughing with lots of phlegm and runny nose.

She has skip school for 2 days.

She is very clingy and crying most of the time saying her body is hurts.

When I heard that my heart hurt.

She is so skinny now.

Below a picture of her taken with the Valentine flowers.

I rather post a happy picture instead of sick little girl.

People might get scare.


Marcus only have cough with lots of phlegm and runny nose.

When he sleeps at night, he snores as loud as his father.

When he coughs, he sounds like he is choking.

He is like a time bomb to me.

I have to constantly check is he breathing.

We had to delay his monthly immunization during his sickness.

But his weight is 9.3kg, measured on Feb, 10.




EDD has past and I’m still around. My next doctor appointment would be on 7/10/2008. Doctor mentioned before that he only allow the baby to be overdue for 3 to 4 days. Therefore, if baby still decided not to come out by today or tomorrow, we are going to induce on 8/10/2008.

Bad news is everyone at home has come down with a cold. Started off with Claudia then Mr. Wallace. Now myself. Feeling miserable. The only person is still standing strong is my mum.

Will keep everyone inform with the latest news.

Yup, I’m still here. No sign of going into labour. I’m starting to loss my patience cause it is getting so uncomfortable now but again I don’t want to be in dues.

Claudia getting very sticky lately which is quite funny. I thought it is just an old tales that the elder sibling will get jealousy even before the baby is born but it is true for my case. I just so afraid that I can’t give enough special/quality time to her once baby is born. I don’t want her to feel that she has loss her place in my heart.

I’m still around with this 37 weeks belly. Doctor said baby should be coming end of the month. I still have 16 days to go. It is getting hard to walk around even sleeping is not longer enjoyable. Mum and MIL is around most of the time which is good.

CL only available after Sept 29 cause she is engaged with a family now. No worry cause my mum is here. That’s why mum is the best. I just don’t know how to thank her sometimes cause she did so much for me.

I realised that I did not blog about my second pregnancy much. Well, I did not start blogging till I had Claudia anyway.

Just an update on my big belly: –

Doctor visit on 28 weeks and I asked about baby size cause I did not eat much, in fact I don’t feel hungry most of the time. So I was a bit concern till he told me “You are 28 weeks pregnant but the size of your baby 31 weeks. o.O…. Okay, need not to worry about size but start to worry how to give birth to this big baby.

Last visit was at 32 weeks. Doctor got a new ultrasound scan machine. Ohoo!! Maybe he got a 3D scan but just an advance 2D scan. And it is just a demo set for him to try it out. I remember 3 years ago when I was pregnant with Claudia, the hospital gave a demo set too to try out and I think they did not bought it for him. Now with my 2nd pregnancy, demo set again, I hope they will get it for him this time. Now back to the new advance 2D scan, of course it is much more clearer and equip with the speaker too. Because he is new with this machine, he had the sales technician with him during my routine check up. I was so uncomfortable cause I was wearing a dress that day and I had to expose my body up till my breast for the scan. Of course they put a blanket on me from my pelvic down to my thigh. Still, a stranger in the room & looking at my baby. I can see my baby profile very clear and listened to baby heart beat too. All I can said is No:2 look exactly like Claudia. Got two big “char siu pau” he..he.. Doctor commented that baby is bigger than average size and definitely going to be bigger than Claudia birth weight (3.62kg). No wonder I walk like a penguin and have bad pelvic joint pain. He advised me to cut down on sugar but I did not eat much…oh well.

As for the preparation for the birth, almost everything is arrange: –

  1. Confinement Lady – Deposit paid – so it should be confirmed but still need to call her before due date.
  2. Hospital Bag – Packed
  3. Baby Cloth & Nappy – Washed & Folded nicely.
  4. Breast Pump & Bottle – Bought & Sterilized
  5. Car Seat – Still in the box in the store room.
  6. Baby Cot – Still not assemble and in the store room.
  7. Confinement Herbs – Still not buy any yet, only will get it middle of Sept.
  8. Baby Name – Only the Chinese name is not confirm.
  9. Gift from baby to Claudia – Not yet.
  10. Bengkung – Not sure to get it or not (CL package come with 5 x massage).

Am I looking forward to give birth? I really don’t know. It going to be tough once No:2 is out and I do enjoy my freedom now with Claudia but I don’t want to stay at this shape, big belly, joint pain and etc. Ah….well, it is very hard to satisfy a woman (probably just me) anyway.

Just wish me luck with this big baby. Pray hard no c-section and a easy labour like Claudia. 🙂

We are back from Adelaide 2 weeks ago. See how slacking I am in updating this blog. I’m really busy with work as well as family matters. Also, with a growing belly doesn’t help at all. With this pregnancy, I don’t feel hungry at all and I have trouble with sleeping as well. And yes, we know the gender when I was at 18 weeks. My doctor said he is 98% confirm of the gender. Below is my 26 weeks photo. I will let you guys guess the gender.

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