May 2009


Claudia started her kinder early this year.
I sort of expect a Mother’s Day card on Mother’s Day.
And still I have to act surprise and excited when my little girl presented it to me.
It’s quite a simple card. No drawing or hand written anything.
Just some cut, paste & colouring.
But all those things is not important cause I still very happy to receive my first Mother’s Day card.



Kiz Sport is having a promotion now.
Weekday from 3pm onwards – 50% off normal price.
And that is a fantastic news for me.
Both my monkeys get to run/play as long as they want.
It is a great way for them to burn some energy.





Just a brief updates about my two little monkeys.

img_2596Weight: 16kg
Height: 102.9cm
Measure on 25 April 2009
When she received her Pneumoccocal.
Why so late? Cause it optional therefore I give it a miss.
Why now? Cause Marcus pediatrician is having a Pneumoccocal jab promotions.
Basically, Marcus paid for his and Claudia will get her’s free.  No bad, huh.
Since came back from Australia, she start her crying again when going to school.
Also, her class teacher Karen has resigned and she said she don’t like her new teacher.
Teacher Karen pay a lot of attention to her and I guess with the new teacher is not the same anymore.



Weight: 10.3kg
Height: 74cm
Measure on 25 April 2009
As you can see, I have start putting Marcus on the walker as well as on highchair during his feeding time.
He likes his oat cereal and smash fruits but don’t like rice porridge/congee.
Totally opposite from his sister.
Not very good with drinking water too. But likes to play with water especially bath time.
He jabbering  and drooling a lot.
Still with one teeth, quite slow compare to Claudia.
Can’t crawl yet but can sit on his own for a short period of time.