April 2009

I would like upgrade my current camera. But I don’t know which is the best buy. Therefore, I would like to seek opinion and suggestion from all the mummy bloggers out there who know more about it. I know few of you are getting into photography (professional or running a small business in photography services).

I’m looking for a good quality clear shoot and easy to carry around. I like DSLR but they are quite bulky to carry around.

Is pocket size camera with equivalent features is as good??

My budget would be around RM1,000 to RM2,000.

I’m welcome all recommendation.

Thank you in advance.


The kids had an Easter eggs hunting last night.
I know it is a bit early but last night is the only day the kids can get together.
It is Claudia first Easter celebration and she had a blast.
All she knows is that she is hunting for hidden eggs in the backyard.
She does not know that Easter egg is made out of chocolate.
She thought it is a real egg.
During dinner, she said she don’t want them cause it will make her teeth dirty and smelly.
I haven’t told her the story behind Easter day.
I shall leave that part to Uncle Brian.







Happy Easter Day Everyone