March 2009

Let’s go to the park (we called it “playground” in Malaysia).
The weather is fantastic.

img_25111Marcus 1st time on a swing.
He loves it when the wind blow on his face.

img_2516My sweet little girl.


img_25171Just loves the fresh air and the green, green tree & grass.



The 2 most important men in my life.
The picture says it all.

The Australian are into Easter celebration, not like Malaysia.
Easter eggs (most of them are chocolates) are selling everywhere.
All kind of sizes with colourful wrapping and bold.
So here are my 2 bunnies running around the house.

img_2521Bunny No: 1
Running & hopping everywhere.
Sometimes did not carry her eyes with her and bum into furniture.
So she is a clumsy bunny.

img_2520Bunny No: 2
Photo taken by bunny no:1, that’s why can’t see the full bunny ears.
This one can’t hop or run.
He only watch & laughs at bunny no: 1 doing all the crazy bunny actions.


Today I started Marcus on rice cereal.
He did not reject them instead he take them quite well.
This is going to be a new chapter of his life cause there are so much food that he get to taste.


MarcusĀ  first tooth has break through the gum surface.
He is drooling a lot and constantly putting things in his mouth.


I will have some more tomorrow.

We are in Adelaide, Australia now.
We will be here for a month break.
Hopefully, Marcus can recover faster with the fresh air over here.

img_2479At KLIA, boarding gate.

Both kids are doing great during the flight.
Claudia sleep through the whole journey.
Marcus too, but he is on medication for his bronchitis.


So, see ya!