February 2009


I’m selling my MEDELA Mini Electric Breastpump set.

The set includes: –

1.      MEDELA Mini Electric Breastpump

2.      MEDELA Breastmilk Bottles (3 nos)

3.      MEDELA PureLan 100 (Hypoallergenic-Soothes sensitive nipples and dry skin – with seal on, has not been open before).

4.      MEDELA Spare Teats – Size S (Brand new – with seal on the box, has not been use before).


I have only use item no: 1 & 2 for 1 month only so they looks new.
As for item no: 3 & 4 is absolutely brand new and has not been open before.
Original price was RM435.10


PIGEON – Disposable Breast Pads
2 Boxes x 36 pieces each box.
Again, brand new, has not been open before.
Original price was RM35.90


2 sets of Bengkung (thick)
M size = 69 – 79cm (28 – 32 inches)
Please refer to http://karenyiau.com/happyconfinement/
As you can see, I have use only 1 set and the other set is totally brand new.
Original price was RM105.00

Those mummy or going to be mummy soon are interested, please email me at: jessiesee@hotmail.com

My selling price is includes delivery.


img_2406They are okay now.
What a relief.
No more crying without reason and staying awake all night to check their temperature.

Claudia definitely looks skinny now.
But she always eats like a horse after an illness and she is now.

By the way, I like to show you Claudia skinny legs.


Compare to this……….




Well, I blame it to the bad weather.

Both are sick more than a week now.

Claudia condition is worse than Marcus.

Claudia fever is uncontrollable.

After medication, fever goes off.

Then at midnight, fever comes back again.

This had been going on since Feb, 9.

No red spot on the body.

Fever, coughing with lots of phlegm and runny nose.

She has skip school for 2 days.

She is very clingy and crying most of the time saying her body is hurts.

When I heard that my heart hurt.

She is so skinny now.

Below a picture of her taken with the Valentine flowers.

I rather post a happy picture instead of sick little girl.

People might get scare.


Marcus only have cough with lots of phlegm and runny nose.

When he sleeps at night, he snores as loud as his father.

When he coughs, he sounds like he is choking.

He is like a time bomb to me.

I have to constantly check is he breathing.

We had to delay his monthly immunization during his sickness.

But his weight is 9.3kg, measured on Feb, 10.