January 2009


Claudia started pre-school for 2 weeks already.

She still crying went I send her and pick her up.

Teacher assure me that she is not crying during the class it just when she see me, she will cried like someone torture her in the school.

I just hope she will be better as time goes by as I understand that I cannot soft hearted on this matter. She need to learn to be independant.

Anyway, it just 3 hours a day without mummy.

P.S: She allows me to tie her hair cause I said teacher instruction. He…He…



I personally loves this picture of my two babies.

Just like to share with you.

It is quite easy to tell which is Claudia and which one is Marcus.


Hi! Everyone.

This is Marcus at 3 months old.

Weight at 8.1kg.

Height at 66cm.

Take 6oz of milk every 3½ to 4 hours.

What can he do:

  • smiles at people
  • lifts head
  • coos and gurgles
  • looks at own hands with interest
  • cry when he can’t see you
  • loves watching TV
  • loves red colour
  • loves his sister
  • dribble a lot