December 2008

dsc01482This is the paper queue I’m talking about. So where is this queue leading to??








dsc01481Of course, government department. This is Putrajaya, Foreign Worker Dept. I was there Tuesday to renew one of my foreign worker work permit. I arrived at 7:15am and there are so many people ahead of me but they use paper and bags to queue for them. Where are these people, they are sitting at the provided seat and some go for breakfast.

dsc01484At 7:50am, the ‘nombor giliran’ counter start operating. My clear view to the counter has gone. All these people out of no where start picking up whatever they placed on the floor and start to line up. At 8:07am, only I managed to get my number. The only good thing is, if you renew less than 3 passports, they will put you on the special counter. I tell you, some of these people come with hundred of passports.

dsc01485Now, what do you do after getting your number? You have to wait for those government officer to turn up to work. They will come in to start their computer, put on their tie, name tag & make-up then go for breakfast. In normal working environment, a worker should have done all the above before the working hour start but in our government is the other way round. I guess all of us is used to it. By the way, they started calling the numbers at 8:25am.

Also, on 8:30am everyday, the PA system will start the prayer for the Muslim asking god help to get through the day smoothly. Do ask me why cause I find it quite insensitive to the non-Muslim. My opinion is I don’t have to listen to this prayer. All the Muslim will stop whatever they are doing and held their hand up for that 5 minutes prayers. There goes my 5 minutes.

Conclusion is: –

  1. Arrived early is a must even thought the department start late cause the line will start 2-3 hours before operating hours.
  2. Arrived on time, you will get numbers like 100 and above. That’s mean you only will finish your business there by noon or even late noon.
  3. You can’t go lunch cause if you number is called and you are not there, you have to take new number again. If you are really unlucky, you will encounter “number sudah habis” sign. Please come again tomorrow. Also, there are “No food and drink” sign on the wall.

On another matter, on my way out of Putrajaya, there are VIP coming in to Putrajaya. As usual, police escort car and rider to guide the traffic. The question is: –

1. VIP in Proton Perdana. Good, showing support national car but escort car is Nissan X-Trail and Volvo XC90?? Why?



Marcus went for his 2nd month immunization last Friday. He did not cry at all, so proud of him.

He is very generous with his smile. Just call his name or look at him, he will give you a big smile and it melt your heart away.

He can coos and gurgles with you if you spend time talking to him.

He also can laugh. Claudia only start laughing a 4 months old. I guess every baby is different.

He weight 6.6kg, lenght 62cm and head cum 40cm.

He is a big boy but not over weight.

And he smell good 🙂 I like to smell my baby.


Well, the tree is up 2 weeks ago.

Mr.Wallace decided to put up a tree this year cause we are not going back to Australia for Christmas. Plus, he wants his children to remember Christmas therefore we bought the tree and the decorations at Ikea.

I keep all the pressie in a cupboard till Christmas eve because of Claudia. She just can’t keep her hands off them.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Everyone!