November 2008


Weight: 3.66kg
Height: 51cm  
Head Cum: 34cm     

1 Month
Weight: 5.1kg
Height: 56.5cm
Head Cum: 38.2cm

And he can thumb sucking.



We celebrated Marcus full moon on last Saturday (actual day).


We did not have a big party, just a family lunch at Euro Deli at Damansara Kim.


A lot of people said Wow! Month old already. So fast. But the person who take care the baby might said other wise. Full moon means I’m free from confinement but it also means my night duty has started.

Marcus do not have thick hair like Claudia when he is born.
So we decided to shave his hair when he is a month old.


dsc01478Getting it Done


I’m was nursing Marcus while Mr. Wallace playing with Claudia. Below is the conversation they had and it is very funny to me. Just want to write it down before I forget.

C: Daddy, press for supergirl button.

D: (Pretending press some button with sound effect).

C: (Start running from one corner to another corner of the room with her cape on her back (Marcus blanket).

D: Supergirl, help! Help Daddy!

C: Sorry, no power today!

D: o.O

Me, laughing like a mad woman.