October 2008

We finally got a name for little boy after 14 days.

Marcus See-Han Wallace

We are doing fine. Marcus sleep better during the day but not very well at night. Lucky I hired a confinement lady (CL). Marcus is on breast milk as well as soy milk. Reason being mummy is not producing much breast milk. He takes 3oz every 2.5 to 3 hours. Cry louder compare to Claudia.

As for myself, I hate confinement. I washed my hair on day 12. I can’t stand it. My CL keep advising me not to, I guess I’m just a stubborn mummy. I’m so unhappy if washing my hair will make me feel better, why not. I still have 15 days to go but everything is pretty much a routine now.

Claudia is so jeoulous during the 1st week which I can’t blame her. She is so much better now. I guess she has accepted the idea of sharing mummy & po po with Marcus. She even start kissing and playing with Marcus this week.

As for Mr.Wallace, after 3 days we had Marcus, he left to Australia for a business trip for a week. Next week, he will be going back to Australia again for a week. Hope we can make it in time for Marcus full moon dinner.


Welcoming Mr.Wallace Junior.

Born on 8 October 2008  (morning)

Birth weight: 3.66kg (8.1 lbs)

Length: 51cm

Head Circumference: 34cm

Labour: Normal

EDD has past and I’m still around. My next doctor appointment would be on 7/10/2008. Doctor mentioned before that he only allow the baby to be overdue for 3 to 4 days. Therefore, if baby still decided not to come out by today or tomorrow, we are going to induce on 8/10/2008.

Bad news is everyone at home has come down with a cold. Started off with Claudia then Mr. Wallace. Now myself. Feeling miserable. The only person is still standing strong is my mum.

Will keep everyone inform with the latest news.