September 2008

Yup, I’m still here. No sign of going into labour. I’m starting to loss my patience cause it is getting so uncomfortable now but again I don’t want to be in dues.

Claudia getting very sticky lately which is quite funny. I thought it is just an old tales that the elder sibling will get jealousy even before the baby is born but it is true for my case. I just so afraid that I can’t give enough special/quality time to her once baby is born. I don’t want her to feel that she has loss her place in my heart.


I’m still around with this 37 weeks belly. Doctor said baby should be coming end of the month. I still have 16 days to go. It is getting hard to walk around even sleeping is not longer enjoyable. Mum and MIL is around most of the time which is good.

CL only available after Sept 29 cause she is engaged with a family now. No worry cause my mum is here. That’s why mum is the best. I just don’t know how to thank her sometimes cause she did so much for me.

KizSports & Gym just opened up another outlet at Bangsar Village. Since Claudia loves going to KizSport, I decided to bring her to this new outlet to try it out. The layout of the place is similar with their Great Eastern Mall outlet. She loves it and she can go on her own after first round with my mum. Our outing usually on weekday so there are not much children there. But the other day, we went to KizSports at One Utama on a Saturday afternoon, it is a different story. Entrance fee is higher and too many kids running around and some of them play rough too.

Anyway, I like to bring Claudia out as much as possible during this few weeks before I pop. After that, she will be going through confinement with me for a month too…..LOL except going for swimming at in-law place during the weekends unless Mr. Wallace is free to bring her out somewhere else on his rest day.

I have started to take things out from the stock room for No:2. Each time when something come out, Claudia will be the one to quality check it first. If No:2 know about it, there won’t be a happy face. If it is hand down, then it’s okay but even things we bought especially for No:2 also have to go through this QC department first.

Claudia hand down bouncer.

Playing with No:2 new baby mobile.

A smile showing “Approved/Pass”