I was waiting for Claudia to open her eyes this morning cause I want to wish her Happy Birthday. She gaves me a big smile and the first she said “Let’s go kai kai (kai kai means going out/shopping). She loves Kids Sport and we always go to the One Utama branch. But few days ago, I already find out there is a branch in Great Eastern Mall and another one coming up in Bangsar Village. So off we go to the Great Eastern Mall branch but before that I picked up my dad & my mum first cause dad office is at GE Mall and I need mum to help to run after Claudia. I getting heavy and can’t effort to run & jump anymore.

I must said I like GE Mall branch better cause the layout of the play area is much better. The One Utama branch layout is vertical (high not suitable for Claudia age) GE Mall branch layout is horizontal. We will definitely going back there.

Before we left GE Mall, I have to get a slice of the tiramisu for the Alexis Bistro since it is so famous. Well it come with a price tag of RM13.45 (with tax) per slice. The verdict from my mum & myself is very good. They have pavlova too and it cost RM14.00++ per slice. Will try that one next time.

Then we off the Pudu market to have lunch at May King restaurant. Famous for their “lum mee”. My schoolmate father restaurant. The last time I was there is when I was still in secondary school. It is still taste good and they have install air-con for the whole restaurant. Over all, comfortable environment, food come really fast and the potion is just nice. Claudia finished one plate by herself.

Claudia playing her toy guitar at my mum house. Full of energy after lunch.