August 2008

I realised that I did not blog about my second pregnancy much. Well, I did not start blogging till I had Claudia anyway.

Just an update on my big belly: –

Doctor visit on 28 weeks and I asked about baby size cause I did not eat much, in fact I don’t feel hungry most of the time. So I was a bit concern till he told me “You are 28 weeks pregnant but the size of your baby 31 weeks. o.O…. Okay, need not to worry about size but start to worry how to give birth to this big baby.

Last visit was at 32 weeks. Doctor got a new ultrasound scan machine. Ohoo!! Maybe he got a 3D scan but just an advance 2D scan. And it is just a demo set for him to try it out. I remember 3 years ago when I was pregnant with Claudia, the hospital gave a demo set too to try out and I think they did not bought it for him. Now with my 2nd pregnancy, demo set again, I hope they will get it for him this time. Now back to the new advance 2D scan, of course it is much more clearer and equip with the speaker too. Because he is new with this machine, he had the sales technician with him during my routine check up. I was so uncomfortable cause I was wearing a dress that day and I had to expose my body up till my breast for the scan. Of course they put a blanket on me from my pelvic down to my thigh. Still, a stranger in the room & looking at my baby. I can see my baby profile very clear and listened to baby heart beat too. All I can said is No:2 look exactly like Claudia. Got two big “char siu pau” he..he.. Doctor commented that baby is bigger than average size and definitely going to be bigger than Claudia birth weight (3.62kg). No wonder I walk like a penguin and have bad pelvic joint pain. He advised me to cut down on sugar but I did not eat much…oh well.

As for the preparation for the birth, almost everything is arrange: –

  1. Confinement Lady – Deposit paid – so it should be confirmed but still need to call her before due date.
  2. Hospital Bag – Packed
  3. Baby Cloth & Nappy – Washed & Folded nicely.
  4. Breast Pump & Bottle – Bought & Sterilized
  5. Car Seat – Still in the box in the store room.
  6. Baby Cot – Still not assemble and in the store room.
  7. Confinement Herbs – Still not buy any yet, only will get it middle of Sept.
  8. Baby Name – Only the Chinese name is not confirm.
  9. Gift from baby to Claudia – Not yet.
  10. Bengkung – Not sure to get it or not (CL package come with 5 x massage).

Am I looking forward to give birth? I really don’t know. It going to be tough once No:2 is out and I do enjoy my freedom now with Claudia but I don’t want to stay at this shape, big belly, joint pain and etc. Ah….well, it is very hard to satisfy a woman (probably just me) anyway.

Just wish me luck with this big baby. Pray hard no c-section and a easy labour like Claudia. 🙂


Yes. My little girl is three years old on last Friday (1st August).

We had a small celebration at the nearby restaurant. Just the immediate family members.

Playing the remote car. Gift from PoPo.

Sharing drink with KauFu Kevin.

Thumbs Up.

At the restaurant.

The restaurant signature dish. Pizza & Satay cause the name of the restaurant is “Pizza & Satay”.

Decided to cut the cake back home cause the restaurant is very busy. Plus more comfortable.

Mummy & Claudia

Kaufu Brian (mummy cousin)

Kaufu Kevin girlfriend, Nicole

Dad, Brian & Mr. Wallace

I was waiting for Claudia to open her eyes this morning cause I want to wish her Happy Birthday. She gaves me a big smile and the first she said “Let’s go kai kai (kai kai means going out/shopping). She loves Kids Sport and we always go to the One Utama branch. But few days ago, I already find out there is a branch in Great Eastern Mall and another one coming up in Bangsar Village. So off we go to the Great Eastern Mall branch but before that I picked up my dad & my mum first cause dad office is at GE Mall and I need mum to help to run after Claudia. I getting heavy and can’t effort to run & jump anymore.

I must said I like GE Mall branch better cause the layout of the play area is much better. The One Utama branch layout is vertical (high not suitable for Claudia age) GE Mall branch layout is horizontal. We will definitely going back there.

Before we left GE Mall, I have to get a slice of the tiramisu for the Alexis Bistro since it is so famous. Well it come with a price tag of RM13.45 (with tax) per slice. The verdict from my mum & myself is very good. They have pavlova too and it cost RM14.00++ per slice. Will try that one next time.

Then we off the Pudu market to have lunch at May King restaurant. Famous for their “lum mee”. My schoolmate father restaurant. The last time I was there is when I was still in secondary school. It is still taste good and they have install air-con for the whole restaurant. Over all, comfortable environment, food come really fast and the potion is just nice. Claudia finished one plate by herself.

Claudia playing her toy guitar at my mum house. Full of energy after lunch.