July 2008

Mr. Wallace have the happy tree song as his mobile ring tone. It is very cute. So there am I thought looking up for the cartoon for Claudia to watch at the computer through you tube. She immediately choose this particular one and here is it: –

NOW…….towards the ending part where the poor baby cut his tongue off, Claudia facial expression has changed. She screamed and cried so hard. I was shocked cause I was busy cutting her toe nails. When I look up, she is asking me to stop it and looking for comfort from me.

How would I know with the title of “Happy Tree”, such a cute tune and cute cartoon can turn out to be so violent.


The last few days of our trip back to Adelaide, we took a 3 days 2 nights trip down to Hobart, Tasmania. Mr. Wallace have a short business meeting there so again we get to tag along. All I can said about Hobart, Tasmania is that it is a very old english town/city. Almost all the buildings is oldest in Australia as per the bus driver. Seafood is good and reasonable price. But the place is cold especially at night with the sea breeze.

On the way to the airport.

Arrived in Hobart at 5:40pm. Look like 8:00 o’clock at night.

A guy opening fresh oyster at the bar. I love eating natural oyster but I’m pregnant. Maybe next time.

We ordered a cheese baked cray fish, oyster kilpatrick & a fisherman basket.

She enjoyed it very much and probably she is starving too.

Back to the studio apartment for a good night rest.

Red double decker bus ride around the city of Hobart (1hr45mins) with the driver being the tour guide as well. Mr. Wallace is off to his business meeting.

Claudia first bus ride. We have the top deck all by ourselves.

As soon we get off the bus, Mr. Wallace is back from the meeting too. Very good timing. We took a taxi to the nearest supermarket to get some snack. Then we decided to walk back to the studio apartment (15-20 minutes walk- up the hill some more). Claudia fall asleep in the stroller and both of us had a nice and peaceful lunch that afternoon. But at night, I could not walk anymore cause my pelvis joint hurt like mad. Too much exercise for one day.

We are back from Adelaide 2 weeks ago. See how slacking I am in updating this blog. I’m really busy with work as well as family matters. Also, with a growing belly doesn’t help at all. With this pregnancy, I don’t feel hungry at all and I have trouble with sleeping as well. And yes, we know the gender when I was at 18 weeks. My doctor said he is 98% confirm of the gender. Below is my 26 weeks photo. I will let you guys guess the gender.