May 2008

We are back to Adelaide again for a month break. Actually break for Claudia & myself but Mr. Wallace got work to do. It’s winter here and it is very nice for me (cause I’m pregnant, I don’t feel very cool this time). Temperature is around 17-19°C in the day and night is about 7-9°C. There won’t be much traveling around this time cause Mr. Wallace is quite tight with his business trip around Australia except we will be in Tasmanian for 3 days at the end of the trip.

Above photograph was taken in Bunnings Warehouse. It is the mop head on top of Claudia head. The minute she saw it, she put it on and said she is a clown.


Yes, less than a month Grandma passed away last Tuesday, 13/05/2008, morning. Grandma is very weak and bed ridden for the past few years. We did brought her to pay her last respect to Grandpa and she accepted the news calmly (look likes to us). I guess she is heart broken deep down inside. Her passing may not be a bad thing cause in some ways is ending her suffering. We believe grandpa come back for her and now they are united in another place together with their elder & younger sons.

“Grandma rest in peace and I always miss you. You are a very strong and dynamic person. Not to forget, you are the best cook I even met. Always love and miss your Hakka dishes. Thank you for taking care of us when we were young and also all the lessons that you had taught us.”