April 2008

Claudia is singing “Baa Baa Black Sheep”.

It’s her favourite song for the time being.


My queen NOT my princess.

I just called my ob/gyn to find out about my blood test result. The nurse told me he won’t be back till 2:00pm. I asked her is my blood test result is out and she put me on hold for 10 minutes. Then she told me to call back at 2:00pm and speak to the doctor directly. (I guess nurse are not allowed to discuss patient test result cause they are not fully medically trained). She continue saying that when there are problem with test result, doctor will call the patient immediately. When there is NO NEWS is GOOD NEWS. Keep my finger cross that I won’t receive a phone call from my gynae.

Grandpa passed away last Sunday (20/4/2008). After a fall and hospitalised for a week,  he did not make it through.  All of us did not expect this cause he has been a strong person and would go for his walks everyday without fail. Still we all accepted it with calm. I was advised not to attend his funeral cause I’m pregnant. No matter what I do really miss him.

“Grandpa, may you rest in peace. We will take care grandma for you. Thank you for all the things that you had done for me especially during my schooling years. I hope we shall meet again in our next life.”

I went for my obs/gyn check up last Wednesday. Baby is moving (swimming) while my doc doing the ultrasound scan. It is very cute. Doc said it is still too early to tell the gender but everything looks fine until he asked me: –

Doc: Do you know what is Down Syndrome?
Me: Yes. Is there a concern?
Doc: (Quick and firmly) No. But I have to show you this chart. Because you are 32 now, out of every 461 babies, there will be one baby with Down Syndrome. We can’t detect that from normal ultrasound. The normal procedure is do a blood test first and if it does show there is a risk then you have to do the ammonia fluid test.
Me: Okay.
Doc: So do you what to do the test?
Me: Let’s do the blood test first.
Doc: Okay. It’s need to be done on Week 15. So I shall see you in 3 weeks time.

The whole conversation makes me worried after I left his office. If there is a risk, I’ll hate to make the decision. Keep or not keeping the baby? Can you imagine a pregnant women have to make such decision. It is torturing. Worst than given birth. Everything should be okay cause both families history does not have down syndrome babies. But again you never know.

Lately Claudia is full of questions in whatever she is doing/hearing/seeing. Sometimes it makes me laugh and sometimes makes me lost my patience. Especially watching television time, just like my bro when he is young. Full of questions and the worst part is she keep repeating the same questions like a broken record. Example: –

Claudia: Who is that?
Me: Oh! That’s the hero.
Claudia: Hero.
(2 minutes later)
Claudia: Who is that?
Me: He is the same guy. The hero.
Claudia: Hero.

This will continue on and on. In some way it good that she is asking question but repeating them is irritating. But I always try to be patient and ask each questions nicely and calm. Her favourite questions nowadays is: –

  1. Who is that?
  2. Where are we going?
  3. What are you doing?
  4. What is that?
  5. Like who?
  6. What happen to my hand/leg/head? (when she hurt herself or have funny things on them).

Above all, “NO” still her ultimate favourite word. Almost everything you asked her, she will answer you ‘NO’. The most frustrating part is, she will asked

Claudia: What is that?
Me: That is a dolphin. (Correct answer)
Claudia: No.

Of course she also have some nice things to say like: –

  1. Have a nicer day. (Should be nice day)
  2. Please come in. (When we back from work or anybody come to visit)
  3. How are you?
  4. Nice? (When comes to food)
  5. Good Morning/Night