Just some updates. I don’t really know what to blog. In fact, I’m getting lazy to update the blog.

Anyway, I went for my second check-up on Feb 28. Happy to said everything is fine. Saw the baby with strong heart beats and there is only one not two (thank god). This time I bring along Claudia, and she is very excited to see a tiny baby inside my stomach. From time to time I have to remind her that I’m pregnant cause she forgets and like to climb on my stomach or asking me to carry her. EDD is Oct 5, 2008.

This pregnancy is totally different from my last pregnancy. I got mild morning sickness (minus the vomiting) and very sleepy all the time. Loves chili which I’m not suppose to eat all due to I have bad skin. To ease off the discomfort, I eat green apple, tomato & orange juice. Also I have booked my confinement lady. It is going to be my last pregnancy so I want to make sure that I will get enough rest and I will have a good health after that.

Claudia is getting more demanding everyday. She is bore at home and always look for other children to play with. She always refuse to go home or let the neighbour children to go home after they finish their play. She will cried and said she lock inside the castle like Cinderella, yes she adores Cinderella. Physically, she grow taller and heavy too. Mr.Wallace take her for swimming almost every weekend at FIL place. My in-laws just shift to a new condo near our place. So it is very convenient. I guess I shouldn’t have any excuses for not exercising.

Finally, I just want to said I’m very happy with the general election results. Hope this change will bring us better quality of life and for the better future for our children.