February 2008

Thank you everyone for sharing this great news with us.

I don’t know this is coincidences or it’s really the work of feng shui. Well, it about the position of our bed. As you all already knew that I had moved Claudia to her own room when I got back from Adelaide, Australia last December. Naturally we had our own bed moved back to the old position. And at this time, I conceive No: 2. Just like that. No extra effort. The funny part is I conceived Claudia with the same bed position and on the 1st month we moved into this house. Previously, we rented a condo before we brought this house and we did tried for a year for a baby but no luck.

Feng shui or not its up to you to believe. For us, the timing is just right. Claudia will be 3 by the time No: 2 arrive.

I explained this to Mr.Wallace and he said “Wow! It took us one and a half years to realise this. Should have moved Claudia earlier then”.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone.
May the new year brings you happiness and joy.
As for us, this new year has brings us good news & hopes.
Yes, after trying slightly more than a year, we are finally blessed with No:2.
I had my first prenatal check-up at week 5 (thats what according to babycenter website).
But my gynae can’t give me an exact due date cause No:2 did not have a heart beat yet. In fact No:2 is so small that we can’t even see him/her.
The only news comes out of the visit is that I’m confirm pregnant.
Next appointment would in three weeks times.