January 2008

Claudia is addicted to this DVD that my mother bought for her on Monday.
She just asked for it again. Two minutes into the DVD, she asked me to put on her dancing dress and hair ribbon.
But she don’t have dancing dress and hair ribbon.
Then the girls were dancing with fake gold mandarin/pear, of course my girl asked for the orange/pear so that she can be the same with them.
The funny part is she don’t understand mandarin/cantonese.
She will imitate the dance and hand movement as well as trying to sing those words.

Well, Claudia is almost 100% toilet trained. She had her diaper on only at night and sometimes going out. I’m still not very confident with her when we go out. You know when children in shopping mall, they will run here and there, playing with toys and eventually they will forget to inform you that they need to go to the toilet.

We started to train her by encouraging her to pee on the toilet floor (big and small). Then we will clean the mess and wash her in the toilet. She also can do it on the potty in her own room if she likes (but rarely). That lasted for a month. But as of yesterday, my mum informed that she is willing to do her business (big and small) at the WC with the toddler toilet seat.

About half a year ago, I tell myself this is going to be difficult. Now that Claudia is toilet trained, I told myself, to help my little girl to grow up, I cannot be lazy and thinking for my own convenience. It is my duties to teach and mould her so that she can be a better person when she grows up.


I did mentioned before that we are in the middle of moving Claudia to her own room. Finally, we did it three weeks ago. She seem to like the idea of “own room”. Every time she asked me “Where is who & who?”, I will take the opportunity to answer her who & who is sleeping in their “own room”.

Now every night at 8:30 – 9:00 pm, we will go to her room and start winding down. I will read & sing to her, and I will stay until she falls asleep. Before I will get out of the room, I will turn on the baby monitor and leave her room door slightly open. When I go to sleep, I also leave my room door slight open so that she can just push it open when she wakes up in the middle of the night looking for me.

Now, she only sleep in her own room. Afternoon nap and night sleep. I did not buy her a new bed. I just moved her queen size mattress to her room. Painted the feature wall green, put up two wall lights, mirror and bought her a new mini wardrobe (all from Ikea). Actually, I like her room myself.




My next goal is to teach her to go to sleep without me. Just like an adult. When she is tired, she will go to her own room and fall asleep. Wish me luck.

Backdated Post.

My aunt (dad’s 2nd sister) came back from US for holidays with her son. And they are staying with my dad’s youngest sister in Ipoh. Yes, my dad side of family is from Ipoh & Perak. Dad wanted to go up to Ipoh for the weekend by himself so I offer to take him and with a warning that I’m going to bring his grand-daughter along if he didn’t mind.  My mum is not going cause she is not close to my dad’s side of family, long story.  Then 2 days before the trip my sister called to catch up and I asked her to come along.  So…it ended up that dad is stuck with the 2 grand-children for this trip.  We stayed over on Sat (29th Dec) night and left on Sunday afternoon after lunch.

We stopped at Bidor for lunch on the way to Ipoh, then Saturday’s dinner is Ipoh famous bean sprout chicken.  Sunday morning is the hotel’s free buffet breakfast (lousy).  Btw, we stayed at Impiana Casuarina (very old hotel) anyone have any recommendation for better hotel in Ipoh?  Then the kid’s go for a swim while the adults are hiding under the shade while watching over them. Then we had curry noodle with roast pork & fried chicken for lunch before we left for home.


Claudia’s new bathers. One of her Christmas gifts.