December 2007

1 Month in Adelaide, what do i do?
I get to watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 on rental dvd.
Took me a week to finish 6 DVDs with 4 episodes in each DVD.
Yes, I’m a huge fan of Grey’s.
Can’t wait to watch season 4.
You are able to watch the full episode on the official website (within United States only).



Clumsy girl fall down in the bathroom. As usual I place her on the dressing table so she can entertain herself with the mirror. So I turn around to test the temperature of the bath water. Just for less than a minute. When I turn around again, she actually falling down right in front of my eyes. Managed to grab her in time. So it is not a hard fall. Some scratches on the chest thats it cause she is naked at the time.

Well, after a week of sickness, Claudia is back on her feet. Therefore, we did not do much accept chilling out in the house to avoid any accident (vomiting & diarrhoea) happen in the public area. Bbelow are some photos taken during our house confinement. LOL.


The tree is up before we got in from KL. No presents under the tree yet because of Claudia. You know why.


Sorry for the poor quality pictures. Clockwise: Top 2 is showing bush fire. Pictures taken from our house. Bottom 2 is showing the sunset at 9:00pm.


Miss Pink for the day.



Chilling out at home yesterday. She is in pretty good mood. Don’t know why.




Thanks for all the wishes. But our little girl is still not fully recover. She still having diarrhoea since Monday and no vomiting today. But she did have an episode when we walked in the Esprit shop. I was carrying her and she vomited all the milk that she had 3 hours ago all over me. Mr.Wallace had to knee down to clean the floor with the kitchen towel and wet wipes. Luckily the the store manager is very helpful and understanding. Then we decided to bring to see the GP. He checked her temperature and her stomach, then gives some advices. Thats it. No medication. He said just let the diarrhoea stop by it self but if it still continue over the weekend, he need to see her again. And AUD50.00 please. Amazing. Clinic in Australia is run by appointment system and do not sell medication. If you are very sick and need to see a doctor urgently, then you have to go to the hospital emergency room. You have to buy your medication at the pharmacy store with the prescription given by the doctor. I must said that I don’t quite like with this kind of system.

It is 11:47pm now and I’m waiting for the laundry to finish.

Claudia had fever, shivering & vomited on the bed. Mr.Wallace & I just finished changing the linens, changed Claudia into a new clothes & washed her hair as well. It’s stink. Poor little girl. She must have caught the cold this morning. I think she went outside (the garden) without a jumper & shoes. Where am I? I decided to sleep in this morning. Bad mummy. Let’s see is she better tomorrow morning.

Claudia loves music and loves dancing too. I happened to video her dancing to the fridge magnet music box that her grandma got for her. It is not one of the best dance she performed but not too bad with the head shaking.



We went to German town Hahndorf for strawberries picking. Weather is great, max 24°C and little bit of rain. Arrive around 9:30am and we start our picking. Entry fee is AUD3.00 per adult and you are given an empty ice-cream container. There is only us and another family of four. Basically we have the entire strawberry field, hurray! We had a great time and a stomach full of strawberries for breakfast. Claudia did not help much with the picking because she is busy eating them as you can see the picture below. It is a great activity for family outing.










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