November 2007



Favourite Foods
Pasta with marinara sauce
Any soups thats my mum make (eat with rice)
Steam Fish
Chips (French Fries)
Roti Boy
Sugus (Soft Candy)
Potato Chips
Noodle (kway teow)
Not so interested in red meat
Songs/Rhymes that we almost can sing
Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Incy Wincy Spider
Humpty Dumpty
Some other songs from Tumble Tots class
Physical Movements
Jump (with both legs together)
Kungfu Movements (e.g punching, side kick)
Shake her bum
Clap according to the music beat
Claudia free style dancing (will upload a video later)
New Words/Phrases
Let me go
Give me back
Put back
So cute
Police catch you
Take turn
Scan (Pay at the cashier)
Swim suit/(Bathers-Aussie word)
Girl Girl lor (Ask her “Who………? then she will answer you with that)
Open/Close/Shut the door
Give me some/Drink some (food)





My little girl loves to wear my heels. Lucky I don’t wear anything higher than 2½ inches cause I can’t handle them plus I have to run after Claudia most of the time. She will put on my heels and walk around the house. I guess she loves the “kik kok” sound. She was quite clumsy initially but now she wears them like pro. She even can run in them. I think when she grow up, all her savings will be spend on high heel shoe and I have to invest on a big shoes cabinet to accommodate them.

Thanks for all the wishes.

Have not been in the mood to update the blog lately. Busy planning for the year end trip as well as issue happening at work. Actually Claudia was recovered until yesterday, she have her dry cough and the cold again. This morning she cried and cough at the same time until she vomited all the milk she had before. Extra work for me in the morning (6:00am). Why she cried cause daddy is going to work and she wanted to follow. When I went out to lock the gate, she thought that I’m going too, leaving her behind. Silly girl!

Mr.Wallace is going to India this coming Sunday and only be back a week later. This is the sort of business trip that I won’t follow. Nothing against India, just because I don’t take Indian food, so one week in India, I will be just drinking plain water?? Hope he will have a safe and pleasant trip.

We will be going back to Adelaide on Nov 28 for a month. It summer now therefore I’m not so eager. But again Claudia can enjoy the beach this time. I already told her all about it and she is very excited about it. She is also big fan of Christmas tree and of course the gifts.

Below the picture taken at my ex-colleague son birthday party. What do you think? Got potential?


I’m so tired cause Claudia is sick for the past one week. First fever then flu, follow with cough. She catch a cool after swimming at my FIL condo. When Claudia sick, she is extra manja and her legs is not working as well. What I meant is she wants to be carry all the time. She is all better now except when she cough I can heard she has a lot of phlegms. My mum suggested pearl powder and she already had two bottles from Eu Yang Sang (RM15.00 each for 5ml or less). Very expensive but I do see some improvement. Claudia looks like she drop 10kg and have panda eyes too cause she have not been sleeping well due the block nose. Hope she can gain weight as fast as she lose them.

Anyway, want to share this photo of her with. I think it quite funny.





She is curios what is the dog looking at under the my dad car. She also have to do it the same position like the dog.