October 2007

After we finish walked around at The Garden, we decided to have lunch at Mid Valley instead cause there are not much choice in The Garden. Then we go to Jusco just to look see. I didn’t realise that there is a decent size play area for children with rides. Then Claudia notice this big sister busy drumming to the Japanese beat song. Actually, she is very good. So my little girl got excited and joined her as a 2nd player (pretend 2nd player-cause I did not insert token for her). It is quite a interesting game and of course Claudia think is beating the drum like her favourite lion dance drum cause it does look like one of those drum.




After the episode of posing with the mannequin. We proceed to the children department. Again Claudia found something she loves. Yes, those bag with wheel like the travel luggage bag. Furthermore, this one decorated with cartoon character and it’s PINK. She just walk around the department store with this bag and if you realised she had another one just under her armpit too. That’s not just it. She also make sure I do the same like her (slap head).




Last week, we decided to go to Robinsons at The Garden. My mum is looking for some bra and I haven’t been there. So off we go. While my mum is browsing the lingerie department, Claudia seem to fall in love with this mannequin and start posing with her, talk to her and checking out her outfit too. She even asked the mannequin to wake up (slap head).





After the Hot Sunny Day post, I realised that I had to upgrade the pool soon cause after few more months, the pool will only fit for one toddler. Well Toy’R’Us happen to have a pool promotion for the member. It is only cost RM39.95 for this size. Not bad, huh until I start filing it with water. Now I’m waiting for my next month water bill. Also, storage is another problem. Don’t ask me to fill it up with air every time the kids want to play. That’s hard work. Anyway, look at them. They can play for hours and hours in that pool. Now I can join them in the pool (if i don’t afraid my neighbours see me).




I love this dessert very much. Every times I go back to Australia, I will have it at least once or twice. It’s easier in Aussieland cause you can buy it off the shelf in the supermarket. Just top it up with whip cream and your desire fruits. Last trip, I bought back some pavlova magic mix and the result as you can see, yummy. I did ever try making it from original recipe and it turn out to be ……no good. This pavlova magic is great. Package is creative too. Top of the egg is the measurement cup for sugar and bottom of the egg is the measurement for the warm water. The powder is pack in a foil bag in the egg. Mix everything together and bake.

My nephew is addicted coming to my house. The reason is there are more spaces in my house compare to his grandmother flat unit. He like to cycle on Claudia tricycle and of course the mini pool. See… they having a great time and it help to keep them cool in this kind of hot sunny day. Actually, I like to jump in the pool too but I afraid it will burst. Then the kids will kill me. LOL. My sis bought them the sunny too. Aren’t they look cool?



Remember that I post before about Claudia lost her appetite recently. This is what I do with the food that I’m going to serve her. I got the idea from Blur Mummy. Do Claudia like it? Yes for the first one only. She is very hard to please girl. Now I’m scratch head again. By the way, I use the Play-Doh mould to make the sandwich shape.







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