Yup, I decided to send Claudia to a Mandarin class when she reach 2½ years old (minimum age) which will be next February 2008. I found this school on today (18 Sep 2007) Star newspaper. It called Skylace Language Centre Sdn Bhd, located in TTDI & Desa Sri Hastamas. I’m going to enroll her to “Morning Kiddie Class (Age: 2½ – 4 Years Old)”. Lessons: 30 min/term Duration: 1 1/2 hrs.

So what do they do there: –

  1. Simple conversation, verbal sentence making.
  2. Introduction of Chinese characters.
  3. Story telling, story appreciation.
  4. Recitation of nursery rhymes.
  5. Introduce strokes of Chinese characters.
  6. Arts & crafts.
  7. Songs, games, cartoon shows and educational tapes.
  8. Refreshments.

I hope they have trial class before I pay any deposit & enrollment fee. I think this is a good idea cause we definitely wouldn’t send her to a Chinese school and I do not want her to have absolutely no idea about her chinese root. Still 5 months to go. We shall see!

P.S: Just called up the centre. Managed to get more information. Classes schedule on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 10:00am to 11:30am. Registration fee is RM50.00 and 1 term (3 months) is RM1,200.00. Trial class can be arranged. For the first few classes, mother have to stand by at the centre. When your child get herself/himself adjusted to the environment, they will be with the teacher and friends only.