September 2007

Claudia is a big fan of lion dance. It all started when she is at mum house, dad had this cantonese movie about lion dance. In order to keep Claudia sit still on the couch, dad would play this VCD. Once the lion dance is over, she will get up and start to walk about. Dad had to fast forward or reverse back the lion dance part every times Claudia asks for TongTongChiang (lion dance drum beat). Thats how she called it. LOL I do pity dad for going through all this trouble so I eventually bought a lion dance competition VCD to save all the trouble. The VCD came with 2 CD, CD1 for dad house and of course CD2 for our own house. Last night she requested to watch TongTongChiang again. According to mum, this is the 3rd time for today. So I place Claudia on my lap while we watching the VCD. Then I came up with this idea of shaking her according to the drum beats as if she is the lion. She loves it. This continue for the next 10 minutes which cause my legs so tired. She just happily let me do whatever moves with her. Guess what happen?

Mum: Eh! Your daughter fall asleep already.
Me: o.O Huh, cannot be (while trying to look at her eyes). She must be very tired. With         all the shaking and noise from the lion dance music, she also can fall asleep.

So there. An early night for Claudia at 8:30pm. Mummy is even more happy, early “ME TIME!!”


Yup, I decided to send Claudia to a Mandarin class when she reach 2½ years old (minimum age) which will be next February 2008. I found this school on today (18 Sep 2007) Star newspaper. It called Skylace Language Centre Sdn Bhd, located in TTDI & Desa Sri Hastamas. I’m going to enroll her to “Morning Kiddie Class (Age: 2½ – 4 Years Old)”. Lessons: 30 min/term Duration: 1 1/2 hrs.

So what do they do there: –

  1. Simple conversation, verbal sentence making.
  2. Introduction of Chinese characters.
  3. Story telling, story appreciation.
  4. Recitation of nursery rhymes.
  5. Introduce strokes of Chinese characters.
  6. Arts & crafts.
  7. Songs, games, cartoon shows and educational tapes.
  8. Refreshments.

I hope they have trial class before I pay any deposit & enrollment fee. I think this is a good idea cause we definitely wouldn’t send her to a Chinese school and I do not want her to have absolutely no idea about her chinese root. Still 5 months to go. We shall see!

P.S: Just called up the centre. Managed to get more information. Classes schedule on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 10:00am to 11:30am. Registration fee is RM50.00 and 1 term (3 months) is RM1,200.00. Trial class can be arranged. For the first few classes, mother have to stand by at the centre. When your child get herself/himself adjusted to the environment, they will be with the teacher and friends only.

Something wrong with my girl. She lost appetite on main meals but not snack. Usually she will have soup, rice, fish/meat & veggie from the soup cause is softer for her to chew. Now she only interested in soup. She can drink up a bowl of soup and have about 5 spoonful of rice. Her snack would be cheese, yogurt, biscuit, potato chips and sweets ( I know thats very bad). Also, she asks for more milk now. She had increase to 1-2 bottles now compare for the past months. Should be worried cause she does look thinner now.

So glad to arrive at Shanghai again. Last stop before going home to my daughter. Also, because it is rest & relax day with no business meeting except out England customer still with us. He is flying back to London tomorrow as well at 10:45am and our flight is at 10:15am.

It took an hour to arrive to the hotel which is in the middle of the city (new Pudong area) which is also near The Bund and the famous tourist location. Mr.Wallace did picked a good hotel. But room rate is expensive but I think it worth it. The taxi queue at Hongqioa Airport is crazy. Six lanes for peoples with 3 lanes for taxi. Again, Shanghai is more busy than KL, I personally think.



Shortly arrived at the hotel, we decided to get lunch in the hotel itself cause we are starving. I’m so looking forward for the Shanghai Little Dragon bun but the only Chinese restaurant in the hotel is serving Cantonese cuisine and the chef is from Hong Kong. Well, no luck. During lunch we agreed to go for a walk at The Bund and the famous shopping street Nanjing street (like Singapore Orchard Road or our Bintang Walk). In between, what did I do……….I went for the in-door swimming pool for a swim, then 15 minutes steam bath and finally finish with a Chinese acupuncture massage and foot reflexology. Good life huh! I think so too. At 6:00pm, off we go for night sight seeing and shopping.





It very busy at Nanjing street, even at night on weekdays. It mainly cater for foreign and local tourist. As we were walking along the street, there are so many guys & ladies approach Mr.Wallace and our customer for fake branded watches, bags, clothing and etc until they get so annoyed. But no one approach me, maybe I’m Chinese and they thought I’m from China. There are also beggars. Mother and child/baby beggars. When they approach you, they will make the child/baby cried first like pinching them. That is the saddest part and I’m so angry with all this mothers. It also does come across my mind that are they the real mother or kidnapper. The more I think about it, the more I get angry and sad. The authority should do something about this. To me, this is child abuse. Anyway, we did not shop much except managed to get Claudia a soft toy from the Beijing 2008 Official Olympic store. Our customer bought a watch (genuine) for his wife for their anniversary. Back to hotel around 8:30pm, went for coffee cause we skip dinner. We still feel full cause we did had a lot during lunch.



Morning view from our hotel room. We are leaving this great city today. Taxi is booked at 7:30am even through our flight is at 10:15am. Always make sure leave an hour early when traveling in China. This is the one thing for sure I learned during this 4 days business trip.




Arrived at Xuzhou around 7:00 pm and the it getting dark. The funny thing is they do not turn on all the light in the airport. Just the arrival hall and baggage claim area. The rest is in the dark. The taxi driver is having a hard time to read my hotel reservation confirmation. When I asked, he said there are only 2 flights a day coming to this airport so they are saving the electricity. Journey to hotel will takes 1 hour drive. The street light is not on and bicycles & motorcycle do not turn on light. Taxi driver is driving at 140 kmp at all time and constantly beep at every junction.


We booked the only 5 star hotel there. The hotel is located by the lake. Once you step in the hotel, you will have a different feeling cause the city and the hotel just didn’t match at all. I’m quite happy with the room and the view is ……..blur.

Next morning we are expecting the supplier (Ms.C) to pick us up to go to their factory for sample approval. So off we go, reached their new factory in just 30 minutes. Great. Look around their office and their showroom. Then we asked to take a look at the sample that we came for. Then she told us that the sample is in the old factory. Okay…. let’s go. Then she added that it will take 4-5 hours drive for here. o.O…What!

We have no choice but to agreed. End up, it took 6 hours to get there (the place name Manpi) and 6 hours to go back to the hotel. I have to cancelled my flight to Qingdoa that night and spent another night at Xuzhou. Thank you, Elaine (my assistant in Malaysia) to re-booking our flights due to this matter.

It only took an hour to inspect the sample and the tooling. Customer is quite happy with it but it suppose to be 100% finished product with fine touched done as their claimed in the email. But when we get there, it just 80% finished. Not very trust worthy.

Due to rain the road thats go in the factory is muddy. So we have to use the alternative road to get out. The factory is located in the village. The villager is not happy that so many vehicles using the road in front of their house. So they decided to place tree branches to block the road. I’m so innocent and asked Ms.C that can someone get down to remove those tree branches. Ms.C said it not that not one to remove them. They can’t simply remove them until an agreement is made. Even you pay them, they still wouldn’t let you pass. Amazing! We just sat in the car and wait and wait till they finished the negotiation.

Finally we reached the hotel at 10:30pm. Whole day without food just water except breakfast in the hotel earlier on. Funny enough, we don’t feel hungry, just want to get back to the hotel. 12 hours drive……’s torturing. So we decided to get something to eat at the Cafe.

Me: (In mandarin) Is your kitchen is close?
Captain: No. We still serve some simply supper. Here is the menu.
Me: Sorry but I can’t read Chinese. Do you have another menu in English.
Captain: Thats weird. You speak and understand mandarin perfectly but can’t read.

Because I’m English/BM educated. I learn my mandarin from TV series while working in Singapore. Now from Astro.He…he….

We will be leaving for Shanghai tomorrow morning. Below is the lake view in the morning when we are on our way to the airport.



As I mentioned in previous post that we had to wait for 7 hours before our next domestic flight to Xuzhou. Shortly after our England customer arrived at the international airport, we took the airport bus to the domestic airport (Hongqioa = Red Bridge Airport) which took an hour drive and because we caught in the traffic due to rain and accident so our journey took slightly more than an hour. It fine for us cause we have so much time in hand to kill anyway.


We had our lunch in one of their cafe and hopefully that their allow us to sit there till our departure time. While waiting, I have the need to go to the toilet which located one floor down from the cafe. As I coming out of the toilet, I saw this lady holding her baby in the squatting position. Then I take a closer look, she actually laid a piece of the tourist guide paper on the floor and letting her baby do her business in the public. BUT the toilet is just right in front of her. Why?? It is very disgusting and why the airport security officer did not do anything about it. Maybe is their habit & mentality that cannot be changed even thought the country is trying to change to the better.


As we finally checked in and was assigned to gate 5. When we reached  gate 5, the place is so packed because gate 3, 4 & 5 is in the same place. Then we decided to seat at gate 10 which less pack and with a better lighting and ventilation. We went back to gate 5 when it one hour before boarding. Again it still crowded and later an announcement that our flight has changed to gate 10. o.O… we were their before. Grrrr…..and it delayed as well. Finally board the plane 45 minutes later and reached Xuzhou in one hour time.

I’m just came back from China yesterday afternoon. It a 4 days 3 nights business trip with Mr.Wallace. Claudia is takan care by my mum. It is a very tiring trip. Not that there are a lots of work to do but tired because of the hours spent on the road whenever you need to go from location A to location B. Now I really understand, China is so BIG.



The Pudong, Shanghai airport is a very busy airport. We arrived early and have to wait for our customer from London which arrive 2 hours later.


Waffles for breakfast but garnish with vegetable instead of fruits.

Later in the day we will take a domestic flight to Xuzhou at Hongqioa Airport which need an hour taxi drive from this international airport. Our flight is at 17:10 hours. Well, guess what! More waiting in the airport and have nothing to do.

To be continue.


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