August 2007

I think Claudia is teething again. For the past two weeks she had this habit of bitting and sucking her fingers. I thought she had worms in her system, feed her Zentel but the habit is still going on.

She had mild fever when you woke up on Saturday morning and still having mild fever since my last check on her this morning before leave for work. Have to call mum later to check on her again. She did not behave any different except a bit “manja” and quiet.


Finally, all the passport errands is done.


Update Claudia Passport

I was told by the Immigration that once a child reach 2 years old, their passport need to be updated with the latest photo and thumb print. Okay, need to do this cause we will be going to Singapore in September. Claudia passport photos was taken when she is 4 months old. Arrived at the Immigration Dept. at Subang Airport with all the documents and passport photos taken last February. Cheating a bit.

When I present the photos to the officer at the No Giliran counter, he rejected it saying it look blur, not good enough. Please take new photos. Okay……….off we go queue up to get Claudia photo taken by those photo machine. She refused to go sit on the stood and crying as well. I got so mad because I don’t want to make another trip. In the end, got the photos taken in Subang Parade in one of the photo shop and go back to Subang Airport after lunch. This time we got better luck and everything done in 45 minutes.

Immigration Dept., Putrajaya

Just came back from Putrajaya with Mr.Wallace work permit done. Arrived at 8:00am, paid at 8:45am, submit the passport for the work permit sticker.

Me: When can I collect it?
Officer: Tomorrow lah
Me: O.o but it stated here that we must collect the passport on the same day?
Officer: Ah….then come back 2:00 pm.
Me: Okay, I will come back at 2:00pm

So I have to sit around for the next 5 hours. Must find something to do. After finished reading the newspaper & CLEO, still have 3 hours to go. Called Mr.Wallace to get me direction to Alamanda Shopping Centre from the net. One thing about Putrajaya is that there are sufficient road signs and information boards, so finding places is not that difficult. Quite disappointment by the shops in Alamanda but this is the only place I got. What to do? I went for a hair cut at Jantzen and at the same time get my manicure & pedicure done. Muahaha. This is my 2nd time having P&m done, 1st time is my wedding day.

Claudia always use these phrases couple of times in a day. Some do surprise me and some drives me crazy. And she start picking up Cantonese words/phrases from the conversation between my mum and myself.

  1. Get up
  2. Wake up
  3. Put back
  4. For you
  5. For girl girl (girl girl = herself)
  6. Mummy eat
  7. Take off
  8. Mummy go
  9. Mummy walk
  10. Mummy sit
  11. Mummy follow
  12. Shut door
  13. Open / Close
  14. Mummy do
  15. Mummy fix
  16. Make milk
  17. Cook mumm mumm (food)
  18. Mummy read
  19. Mummy sing
  20. Gentle
  21. Careless
  22. Clumsy
  23. Change cloth
  24. Wear shoe
  25. This one
  26. That one
  27. Enough
  28. Naughty
  29. Take bath
  30. Take shower
  31. Claudia hold
  32. Come here
  33. Stand here
  34. Faster
  35. So big
  36. Running
  37. Press It
  38. Mummy help
  39. How are you?
  40. Good Morning
  41. Hi Darling/Sweetie
  42. Not yet finish
  43. Go work/working
  44. Go home
  45. Come back

Finally, I brought Claudia to the KLCC Aquaria last Wednesday.

But…the day before, Claudia had a mild fever and cold. But she is okay in the morning. I told that we are going to see some big fishes swimming in the aquarium above us. She is quite excited about it and said ” So big! Blue colour.” She haven’t been there yet but her imagination is pretty accurate.

Arrived at 11:15am and not crowded because it’s weekday. I’m surprise that they charged the foreigner (tourist) extra RM10.00. If Mr.Wallace did join us, he will be furious and rather wait for us at outside.

Then we walked to KLCC for lunch at 1:00pm. I haven’t been to KL centre often since I got married. I so surprised that every food outlets is full and have to wait in a long queue to get a table. Finally, we had KFC. Long queue too but they take your order with a PDA and give you a number for your order. Then just give the number to the cashier, pay and collect your food. Pretty efficient, huh.

It is quite a nice trip and of course one would take a lot of photos for remembrance, right. When I took out my camera for the first shot, battery is flat! So pictures stay in our brain now till next trip.

I have to post this before I forget.

Case #1
At the T-junction, I make a emergency brake because there is a car approaching from my left.
Claudia: Mummy, CAREFUL!
Mummy: Yes. I will Claudia. Thanks.
On the highway while we are on our way to my mum house. Claudia is playing with her dolly.
Claudia: O..Oh…….Dolly no seat belt. Dolly sit here. (She hugging Dolly in her car seat). 
At my grandfather government flat. She is playing at the common area (staircase).
Claudia: Mummy, come here. (I still not following her up the stair)
Mummy: Claudia, Dada (great-grandfather) house is over here. (At this point, I can’t see her already)
Claudia: Mummy, Mummy. (Paused) Jessie! Jessie! come here. (She remembered my name but I only told her once)
All of us in bed. Claudia start rubbing my leg and I said:-
Mummy: Oh! You are massaging mummy leg. Mmmm very good & soothing.
Claudia: Message! Very Good! Soothing!
Daddy: This is what you been teaching her at home.
Mummy: Innocent. I just mentioned that word for the first time.
Everytime Claudia fall down, I will tell her “It’s Okay”. Claudia is playing with the Mobile F41 car.
Claudia: Bang! It’s Okay! (while rubbing the part of the car that got crash). 
Claudia: Kiss the car. 


I got this flower from the Buddhist temple. My mum choose the only one white flower left because she said white flower represent for boy. She hope I can get a baby boy with my next pregnancy. It is the last stalk and it meant for you. Ummm…………

No. I’m not pregnant yet. When I said lucky flower because I won the consolation price in Sports TOTO. While we had lunch at SS2, I pop in the Sports TOTO to buy 4D. I bet RM1.00 only so the price money is not much but enough for Claudia 2 years old vaccination.

First time, win 4D! 🙂 now about the baby boy………..we will see.

It Wednesday (1st August), Claudia birthday. Another round of celebration for her but a very, very small one.

Early in the morning, off I go to Putrajaya, Immigration Dept. to renew the workers work permit as well as Mr.Wallace work permit. Then we went to the new Buddhist temple near my area because they just brought in 20 beautiful God of Mercy statues from Taiwan. We are not allow to take photo or else I will post them here. Then off we go to do some grocery shopping. After that went to SS2 for lunch.


Got back home I bake some cupcakes for Claudia for her 2nd round birthday cake. Then cooked minted lamb, baked potato for dinner as FIL is visiting tonight.


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