July 2007


all the mummy who had visited my blog. Receiving this award do mean a lot to me. At least I know there are people who care even thought we do not know each other or even ever met before. But all of us have a common goal and interest, try to be the best mummy for our babies. Thank you and may GOD guide all of us to our goal and bless us in every step we take.

So……..how is my speech?

I wouldn’t tag anyone but glad to receive this award.



Daddy is in Milan right now but will fly to Tunisia tomorrow. Only coming back next Saturday. Claudia has started asking for him since this morning.

We still have not move Claudia to her own bedroom due to couple of reasons.

  1. Have to custom made the safety barrier for stair opening. The ready of shelf is not wide enough.
  2. Mr.Wallace wanted to get Claudia a single bed but my mum said queen is better since she is sleeping on a queen mattress now. Just move the mattress over to her room. She also added that when Claudia is sick, one of us can sleep with her plus the way Claudia sleep, she need a lot of space. But Mr.Wallace do not like the idea that she sleep on the floor. Sometimes is hard to be in the middle.

Yup, we are backed last Saturday. It is very tiring cause Claudia refuse to go to sleep in the plane considering she woke up at 6:00am (Adelaide time). She only gave in about the last one hour of the flight. Reached home at 10:45pm and all of us went to sleep at 12:30pm.

Back at work now. Countless things to do. Need to make visit to Immigration Dept for foreign workers visa. Then this Labour Dept. want to do pemeriksaan penguatkuasaan-akta kerja 1955. As if I am so free. Why can’t them come to your office instead for me to bring all the files and documents to their office. I hate government department.

Mr.Wallace & I have a new project. Since he got the Nintendo Wii, we need to set up a game area which is our family hall on the top floor. Then we need to set up Claudia room cause he decided to move her to her own room after reading Raising Belle.  We feel it time too. So wish us luck and will update the progress of this 2 projects.


New age video game. You don’t sit in front the TV to play but involved physical movement.  Games like tennis, golf, boxing and etc. Above video is the boxing game. As per Mr.Wallace, his form of exercise with entertainment. He can play this game for hours but can’t spend hours in the gym. It is good for me cause I can use the computer. He.. He… Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HONEY! Enjoy the gift. Hope to see a slimmer you in couple of months time.

We take a trip to The Big Rocking Horse (wood toy factory) in Gumeracha. We did have a great time. Claudia loves the peacock cause she keep chasing them. It is a very funny seeing her keep chasing those birds but again she keep falling down too. The ground is a bit wet due to rain. After that she is so tired that she slept all the back home in the car.



After lunch at Nan (Claudia great grandmother), we headed up to the beach which is just 3 minutes drive from her house. God…it cool at the beach, strong wind too but I must said the fresh air and the green in the park is not something you can get in Malaysia everyday. Also, brought some outfit for Claudia cause is stock takes sales now.




Claudia is getting boring for staying home. So we bring her the play gym at Marion shopping centre for her have a run. There I am always thought is rough when playing until I witness those Aussie kids. She is out of the league. She just stand there and watched them play. She is like a little kitten.


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