June 2007

My back is so bad that I walk like an old lady. Went to see the chiropractor on last Friday and follow up appointment is on Monday. He said I must be very stubborn because the muscles is so tense and my spine seriously need alignment adjustment. You see I been feeling backaches on my left side since couple of months back but I been putting it back to see a chiro till I’m in Australia.  But on Friday morning,  I feel numb on my right pelvic extended to my right knee. I said it to myself thats it, I have to get it fix. It could be the cold weather but the major contribution definitely come from carrying Claudia around everyday.


Yes, Claudia said “I love you” to me after I been saying it to her since she is born.

We had Claudia great grandmother over for lunch and she being saying “I love you” every times she see Claudia. They are in the dining room then I walked in. Claudia came over to me and putting up her hands to indicate that she want me to carry her. Nan tell her, said I love you to mummy.

So..she said it. Not totally came from her but I guess thats doesn’t matter to a mummy.

Claudia has been saying “ocean” almost everyday so we decided to bring her to the bay. While we were there, we will have breakfast, walk around the beach (for Claudia is running) and do some shopping. What we did not expected is it the weather. We have morning shower and by the time we were there the rain has stopped but it is 6°C. Gosh….it is freezing but Claudia still chasing the birds and have a great time. Also, went to the Beach House the indoor theme park.


Every Tuesday, Claudia cousins will come over for dinner. Following is some photos of them playing together while waiting for dinner. Claudia enjoys their companies a lot. We had BBQ sausages, vegetables & mash potato. As for dessert, we had coffee and my favourites Pavlova.


We went to Hahndorf to look at a house for sale. At the same time spend half day in this old German town. Anyway been there many times and is just 8 minutes drive from the city. I wanted to take Claudia for strawberry picking but it is not in season, hmm…..too bad, Claudia got her rubber boot ready but no strawberry. Have lunch in The Hahndorf Inn and visited a wine maker just opposite the house we went to see.


Clockwise 2nd picture, thats the children playroom. Good idea. Keep the kids occupied while waiting.


Thats not the house we went to see, I wish. It the Hahndorf Hill Wine tasting cum restaurant. Clockwise 3rd picture, behind Claudia is the vineyard. Beautiful site, have to be there to enjoy the scenery.

The weather is freezing for me but not for my little girl. She is definitely an outdoor girl and she take cool better than me. Following the series of pictures I took while she is in the garden chasing MIL cat , Oliver & helping MIL with gardening. I think Claudia will adapt to Australia well.



Video clip of Claudia helping MIL in the garden. The moment I press stop recording, she tip the bucket over her head. Miss that one!


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I’m trying to do this tag and after 5 minutes, I’m still can’t come out with something. So I decided to ask Mr.Wallace to do for me. Maybe I’ll get surprise myself.

  1. Jessie’s favorite colour is Purple
  2. Jessie’s favorite dessert is Pavlova
  3. Jessie is about 5ft nothing
  4. Jessie is very particular about how her coffee is made.
  5. Jessie has to wear nickle free earings.
  6. Jessie wants to emigrate to Australia
  7. At Claudia’s birth Jessie suggested calling her Amber.  Which is what tree wax is also known as……

Wow! Thats quick, he just did it in 2 minutes and it all true.

I’m not going to tag anyone this time.

We arrived in Adelaide on 9 June 2007 around 6:10am. Managed to get out of the plane pretty quick but caught up at the immigration due to Mr.Wallace passport (in his own country, huh!) Over all the flight is okay, I didn’t get any sleep at all because have to watch out for Claudia. It is not a full flight so Claudia get to sleep on the seat so do Mr. Wallace on the row behind us. Me….sit up all night afraid Claudia will fall off the seat. Then she give a big package of soft poo after the orange juice and I can only change her after she is awake. Luckily nobody is seating in our row. Temperature on arrival is 11°C. Cold for us from the tropical.

To our surprise, Claudia get along very well with MIL after no seeing her for 6 months. Great an extra hand and can baby sit while Mr.Wallace and I can get out for a long over due date. We catch a quick nap before heading out for lunch and house inspection. Claudia is too tired so we sent Mr.Wallace & Claudia home after lunch. After that MIL and I waste no time and straight ahead to Westfield (Marion) shopping centre. Wow it is so pack just like 1 Utama on weekend. Anyway, I need to get some warm gear for 3 of us and Claudia soy milk. It is a very rewarding shopping trip for me. I managed to get 2 long sleeve t-shirts and a pair of jean. Somehow the pant cutting in Australia fit me better. I get Claudia and myself a pair of sheep wool boot. MIL get Claudia a rubber boot for her to run around the garden. They are so adorable. This few days is dedicated for relative visiting and house hunting.


I dress Claudia in 3 layers. 1st layer singlet, 2nd layer long sleeve t-shirt and 3rd layer is the jumper. The last thing I want is her to catch a cold and sick just like Mr. Wallace now. So far, she haven’t complain about the cold and thats good for me. Also, thats mean she is warm enough.



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