May 2007

On Tuesday, read an ad on The Star that there are free Thomas train ride in Mid Valley. Hurray! Something to do and somewhere to go with Claudia. So off we go this morning, get there at 12:30pm, free train ride start on 1:30pm onwards. Great, still have some time to look around the Thomas merchandise. There are few stations have train set running, kids can play with them and some are just for viewing. I start look for the train ride ticket/queue. Then I read a notice at the cashier counter saying “Free train ride only for any purchases of Thomas product which above RM80.00 in a single receipt. One receipt are entitled to maximum 3 tickets”. What!! Then I asked the cashier, if I purchase less than RM80.00, can I pay for the ticket? Answer: NO. Pay money also cannot take the ride….:( So we just look around and finally bought 2 items.



We got the Thomas drinking bottle (RM29.90) because on the way in, I dropped Claudia Mickey water bottle and its broken. As for the balloon, she love it and it cost RM3.90. We went to our regular Japanese restaurant for our lunch & take away dinner for Mr.Wallace. Obviously you can see it is busy. By the time we get out of Mid Valley 3:00pm the carpark is full & car still queuing to get in. Shopping is no more fun on weekdays when the school is on holidays.


Remember the toy stroller that I bought for Claudia. Well, she has kicked Purple (her baby doll) out and park her bum there. Following is the evidence. Oh! about the fried meehoon. First time I cook fried meehoon. We had that for lunch.


I found a spider crawling around the lounge room so I called out for Claudia to take a look. When she get close and trying to touch the spider, it start crawling away. So I put the spider into a clear plastic container and she can have a closer look without it running away or bite Claudia. She still haven’t grasp the concept about being gentle and careful with others living creatures. She just bang the container on the table, window, door and even throw it on the floor. Poor spider. Mr. Wallace came back from work and commented that I being cruel to animals because poor spider would not get any oxygens being inside that container. So I suggested he bring Claudia to let the spider go in the garden. Happy ending for everyone.


Picture no: 3 (clockwise) Claudia saying “Huge! Huge!” to her one day pet.

After KizSport we went to Jusco supermarket to buy a can of longan cause I need to make some Konyaku jelly for Saturday ex-workers gathering. When we pass the cashier, I notice a new food stall just opposite the wine store. They are selling so called best cream puff from Japan. Mr.Wallace loves cream puff. So went over to have a look, 5 pieces cost RM15.00. There are 2 flavours vanilla and green tea. Green tea cost extra RM0.30 cents each. Wow, very expensive but I like to try it and see whether it worth RM3.00 each. So the verdict from mum, dad, Mr. Wallace & myself is good & yummy. Buy only when you have craving for them.


By the way, shelf life is just 24 hours and must keep in refrigerator.


I brought Claudia to KizSport & Gym in 1 Utama on last Wednesday, suggestion from Allyfeel. We did have fun except the slide is a bit scary even for adults. I did let Claudia climb up those tunnels and they are high & scary. Anyway, most important she have a great time.



P/S Have a thought to load up a video but it going to take ages. So pictures will do.

Today (Saturday 19th May 2007) as usual Claudia woke up at 6am. Feed her milk, change her diaper & pajamas then I go brush my teeth and changed. Then sitting in front of the TV watching cartoon with Claudia, so boring. Of course Mr.Wallace is still sleeping because went to bed past midnight (busy playing computer game). Then I remember Zara mummy bring the girls to Tasik Titiwangsa once upon a time, so I decided bring Claudia there with or without Mr.Wallace. Then I was thinking should I ask Mr.Wallace first (but I already know his reply) or straight call my parents to tag along. And I’m right, his excuse is he has some quotation to do. So….I called my parents and they said yes. We had a great day except it is very hot day. We get there at 10:30am and went straight to the Eye On Malaysia ride. We were lucky because there was only 2 families ahead of us. While we were on the ride, tourist groups start coming in. By the time we get down, there is a endless queue. Then we decided to do the horse riding thing but there were 6 groups of kindagarden children in the queue already. So we skip it. Too hot anyway.

On the way to lunch, dad suggested we try out the SMART tunnel. I agreed since we did the SMART tunnel light project. I must say it pretty amazing and feel proud that we are part to this mega project . Claudia is so excited. She always excited whenever my parents is around. Not to forget, she also extra manja and naughty too.

We miss the Birthday party because Claudia is taking her afternoon nap. We were at Bandar Sri Damansara (parents house) at that time just 5 minutes drive from Mutiara Damansara. Another reason is I don’t know whether is for invited people only, feel malu to show up without being invited. Anyway, read some after party posts, I must said it a blast!



Photoshop layout credit to Mr.Wallace

As you know my daughter full name is Claudia See-Yen Wallace.

Claudia = Origin: Latin & Meaning: Disable

See-Yen = See is my surname, Yen is her Chinese name – meaning: Deed

Wallace = Is daddy last name. Origin: Scottish

When we choice her name, did not consider the meaning part as you can tell. Mr.Wallace always wanted “Claudia” because he said it a sexy name and he have not met any girl with that name. Of course exclude Claudia Schaeffer. And I wanted Amber but FIL & Mr. Wallace disagree plus I do not mind “Claudia”. As for the Chinese name, I have full digression on it. I came up this name all by myself. My first gift to her. As for “Wallace” well definitely from Mr. William Wallace (Brave Heart by Mel Gibson) the warrior. There is a lot of mix bloods in Mr. Wallace family, to name a few Scottish, German, Irish, & Chinese (me).
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