April 2007

First time upload a video.

Claudia is dancing in front of the mirror and playing peak-a-boo with herself. Silly girl…..


Last weekend, Claudia & I stayed over at mum place in Bandar Sri Damansara. On Sunday morning mum suggested to bring to eat fish head meehoon in Jalan Ipoh (the small road next to HSBC). I got surprised by the location of this food stall and at the same time discovered this beautiful temple by the river, very well maintain. Across the river there build scenic side walk with Buddhist statue.



The food stall is on the left side from the entrance of the temple. Sorry, I did not take any picture of the claypot fish head meehoon. For me the food is okay but the view is better.

I have been thinking on this issue for the past 10 months. Yes (not kidding) but still not pregnant with No:2.

It took me a year to get pregnant with Claudia. I stop thinking about it when we were busy with the renovation and moving into our new house. After a month staying in our new house, good new followed.

I guess when our heart is not ready then the baby wouldn’t come.

So I like to put this question to all the mummy/daddy blogger out there: –

1. Whats make you to decide that you want No:2?

Story 1

I think there is this bad flu virus roaming around Selangor. Yesterday, this virus decided make a stop over at our place. Claudia is breathing like a horse cause her nose is blocked. She toss and turn last night and having difficult time to find a comfortable position to sleep. At 3:00am, she is wide awake and we watched Elmo together till 4am. I gave her milk and we went back to bed but Claudia decided to chat with everyone in the bedroom until 5am. The bad part is Mr.Wallace & I have to go to work at 6am.

Story 2

After dinner, Claudia, my mum & I went out to get some bread. On the way back, the following conversation took place: –

Mum: (Excited voice tone) Today your daughter poo a lot!!

Me: LOL! Why you sound like as if Claudia laid a lot of golden eggs?


Claudia loves sticker. She learn about sticker when she started the Tumble Tots class. They get sticker at the end on the class as a reward. I got these sticker books for RM10 for 3 booklets at Subang Parade.



She will at least stick 5 to 6 stickers on her shirt. When she change into new set of cloth or pajamas, she will transfers them from the previous clothing. Sometimes, she will transfers them to me and I have to walk around with stickers on my shirt.


Claudia can’t fit into these shoes anymore. Should I keep it for next baby but who’s know when is the next baby?


She only can fit into these 3 pairs. Claudia have wide and thick feet like her daddy. Therefore, I’m particular when come to buying shoes for her.

Sometimes, I really run out of idea on what to cook for dinner. Mr.Wallace expect me to cook on weekdays night because he is lazy to go after coming back from work.

Mr.Wallace suggested making our own pizza (there is no pizza delivery in Kota Kemuning). He also suggested that both of us will make one each and see which one is taste better. Of course the winner is the WIFE!!

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