March 2007

My first tag and it’s from BabyKhong.

  1. Guess what same story as DaddyKhong. We met through the MSN chat. He worked in Klang and I worked in KL. Decided to meet up at KLCC, Burger King. On the way home, Mr. Wallace got lost. He suppose to go back Shah Alam but end up driving up to Batu Caves. Poor guy.
  2. I was in the hotel line therefore meet a lot of mat salleh. Most of them is my boss. And always wanted a mat salleh boyfriend for fun. They said mat salleh is more gentlemen and romantic. Actually, all men are the same.
  3. Mr. Wallace and I loves food. During dating time, every weekend we go for hotel breakfast buffet. So we get fat together. You fat, I fat too.
  4. For a mat salleh, Mr. Wallace is a very homely person. Very suitable for settle down type. I’m getting old anyway.
  5. A fortune teller told me before that my life will be better is I migrate and she mentioned Australia. Bingo! Mr. Wallace is from Australia. Coincidence or fated?
  6. Mr. Wallace is a cancer so he is very careful with his money. Dating time, he is okay because we only met up twice a week. After married, reality kicks in…..but at least I know there are enough for our future.
  7. Mr. Wallace is a funny man and he always make me laughs even though he is not telling a joke.
  8. Curious how a half mat salleh and half chinese baby look likes. Well…what more can I said. Just look at Claudia.
  9. My mum said he is the one. Of all the boyfriends I had before, he is the most polite and well manner. Mum approved so I said “I do”.
  10. He trust me. I can do whatever I want as long as I informed him before or after.

So there you have it. Good tag, I need to be reminded why I married him 4 years ago ūüėČ


Yesterday, got some muffin mix, chocolate chips and konnyaku jelly premix from a bakery supplies shop in Taman Megah, PJ. As soon as I got home, I start making the muffin first. As the same time, I took Claudia off as it getting heavy. I let her go without diaper for a while one a day to let the skin breath.





It only need 15 minutes too bake so I took the time to read the cooking instruction for the konnyaku jelly. Ding! 15 minutes up. I turn off the oven and turn around notice there are brown foot steps around the house. I wonder what is thats….AH…..Claudia bake her cake too! On the floor, step on it and start walking around. What a mess!

BEWARE following picture is not very pleasant to view.


After all the clean up, I start making the jelly. Lychee flavour and kiwi seed . Actually, it quite easy to make. Good snack for Claudia and me.




Today is our 4th anniversary. Nothing is planned to celebrate this 4th year union. I bought hubby a gift 2 weeks ago and he is using it since a¬†week¬†ago.¬†He¬†did¬†asked¬†me¬†what¬†do¬†I want¬†but¬†I¬†just¬†can’t¬†think of¬†anything¬†(material¬†wise)¬†but¬†I¬†would¬†like¬†to¬†have¬†some changes¬†on¬†how¬†things¬†done¬†around¬†the¬†house¬†or¬†at least improve¬†our relationship.

You see..hubby is a mat salleh and I’m Chinese. Sometimes the ways we see¬†things is quite different. But I’m willing¬†to learn and trying harder¬†to accept how things done mat salleh ways.¬†That’s¬†my¬†promise¬†to¬†you,¬†honey.

Happy Anniversary!

Claudia is addicted to her dummy. Whenever she laid her eyes on the dummy, she must have it. It doesn’t matter¬†she¬†need¬†it¬†or¬†not¬†at¬†that¬†moment.


Well, above is Claudia last photos with her dummy.

On 18th March 2007, Sunday morning, both of us laying on her bed. Claudia is sucking and biting her dummy at the same time. By doing so, her dummy has holes now. Then she insert her little finger through those little holes.



Claudia: Hole..


Claudia: (Put the dummy on the bed and shook her head on the same time).


Well done, Claudia. Three hurrays for little girl.

Howdy everyone. This is my first post on wordpress. So far it quite user friendly than blogger in my humble opinion.

This is my second blog. Why I wanted a 2nd blog? Well, the first one was dedicated to Claudia as a photoblog and I like it remain as a photoblog ( And this one I can really write stuff about whats in my mind and whats happen in my daily life.

So there you go. Hope will enjoy and stay tune!